How To Recognise Bts Members

If you can identify who is in each of these zoomed-in photos youre a true ARMY. Learn how to distinguish between members of BTSBangtan BoysBulletproof Boy ScoutsBangtan Sonyeondan.

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There were a few mistakes however but this is just the incentive for trying your hand in this task once again Share the test with your friends to check whether they can cope with this task.

How to recognise bts members. And I dont have any idea how many girls there are in Girls Generation because they dont stay still long enough for. Try to identify BTS by their noses ears accessories and more. The nose of the BTS singer is turned up while his lips are medium in size he has a wide smile his eyes are very expressive his jaw is marked so he easily you will distinguish Profile.

If you cant youre still a true ARMY. Report this test Can you tell BTS apart. You can recognize anyone from BTS in.

V Suga RM Jin Jimin Jungkook J-Hope. I stan SEVENTEEN BTS GOT7 and ATEEZ. Search watch and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place.

If you got 100 the picture in the background only has 6 of the members. You all know its true Jimin is the shortest member of BTS. Go through the slideshow of BTS members and type in the name of the member as they appear.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. 9 When the album Love. BTSaka Bangtan Sonyeondanare a kpop sensation.

February 2 2016 14290 takers. Dont worry it comes with experience A few videos from the concerts will certainly help you. Jungkook Suga Jimin J-Hope V Jin Rap Monster.

The boy group Seventeen doesnt literally have seventeen members but it has nearly that many. If youre truly ARMY you should be able to tell the boys apart. Other easy-to-identify features are her moles one on the tip of her nose and the other on her upper lip.

OK Jin might not walk around shirtless but you should still be able to recognize the shoulder gangster while fully clothed. BTS also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene is a band from South Korea that is made up of seven members. Welcome to the ARMY.

You have the eagle eye. Try to identify BTS by their noses ears accessories and more. Test your Kpop knowledge by correctly identifying all BTS members.

When BTSs V failed to recognise Robert Downey Jr and RM screamed in shock BTS members are fans of Marvel films however V didnt quite recognise Iron Mans Robert Downey Jr which led to a collective meltdown among the members. Can you name all of the BTS members well lets find out with this quiz. When BTSs V failed to recognise Robert Downey Jr and RM screamed in shock.

100 but no Im not an army I just know what the members look like. Great for learning the members names. Meet Jin Suga J-Hope RM Jimin V and Jungkook.

V Suga Jin Rap Monster Jungkook Jimin J-Hope. All clips are watched to pieces. Its time to test your memory in a fun game of Guess That BTS Member.

There is no way I can remember their names. For example Jungkook has a prominent nose V has an adorable box smile Jimin has a round mochi face with an adorable smile J-hope has a bit of a different smile from the rest of the members Suga has an adorable gummy smile RM or Rap Mon has the most distinctive and different face from the members he is the leader of the group and many learn to recognize him first and lastly there is Jin or. 100 but no Im not an army I.

First there are a LOT of members. Whos who in BTS. Youve probably listened to BTS for some time but believe that theres no way you can remember their names.

Jin is the oldest in BTS hes like the eomma. So how do you spot him out from the crowd.

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