Who Is The Best Visual In Bts

Who is the main visual in BTS. NOMINEES OF THE BEST KPOP PRINCE.

Bts S Jin And Blackpink S Jisoo Best Visual Kpop Idol 2019 Bts Jin Worldwide Handsome Jin

He usually steals the spotlight by being noticeable in any event they attend and its all because he looks so effin handsome.

Who is the best visual in bts. Siwon Super Junior TOP BigBang Minho SHINee Nickhun 2PM Kiseop U. The visual line consists of the members who are the most attractive in the group. The third member of BTS rap line the ever fierce Suga has managed 67 on the list.

By Alexa Lewis Feb 18 2021. In a recent poll conducted by Star Play BTS member V was named the best visual center idol. Hyebin 9 481 vote.

481 vote - 9. Jungkook and V are also in the visual line. Im a fan of Jungkook but I think Jimin is the best dancer.

Amelia Dec 11 2020 0725 am For me I would vote Jimin as the best dancer I think he is so versatile in his dancing plus he sings too. Now BTSs V is no longer a simple boy who wants to be a farmer. Check out some examples below.

Despite not having any singing or dancing background he was scouted by a BigHit staff as he was good looking enough and was already done with his teens and was becoming adult. BTS vs Got7. Recently netizens and BTS fans have been in an endless discussion in an online community over who would be the visual of BTS.

Answer 1 of 19. Known as the Worldwide Handsome Jin has been known as the groups. Jhope and JK are more catered to hard-popping.

With a total wealth of up to 8000000 and his life is not only prosperous but also rich in wealth. We understand how hard of a decision this is so we made a quiz to get to the heart of who you truly are. Lets see whos the most popular Kpop male visual.

I do not own any audiophoto and video that i used in this. If someone fits them they are considered beautiful. For BTS the official visual is Kim Seokjin aka worldwide handsome.

The voters were clearly taken by. BTS s Jin Jungkook and V are often called the groups visual line because of their supreme good looks. He places 79 on the list the rapper has clearly charmed the world with his good looks.

BTSs visual line is Jin who is the official visual. Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS. NOMINEES OF THE MOST HANDSOME IN BTS.

But JHope is. V and Jungkook are also considered as part of the visual line. BTSs visual line is Jin who is the official visual.

Koreans are very vocal about their aesthetic criteria hence the position of visual in each Kpop group. V is famous for CGV meaning computer programmed visuals. 582 votes - 11 of all votes.

The official visual of BTS from the beginning has been Jin. Your browser does not support videothe following photos and gifs serve as a reminder that they are in fact ultimate visuals. Keep on reading learn more about the poll and who made it.

This poll has ended since 2 months. If your favourite the king of BTS 2021 you can add comments. They have been called as the Visual Bermuda Triangle or Bermuda Line by the k-media fans and ARMY.

748 votes - 15 of all votes. With BTS you cant go wrong picking any band member as your bias. BTS official visual is Jin and he has it its somehow cringy when someone always praise himself for being handsome Jin always calls himself worldwide handsome and stuff but it doesnt really bothering since hes legit handsome.

Next up is RM who has been getting well deserved praise for his visual game recently. That way we know exactly who in BTS is the real love of your life. Beside that BTSs V became the man who was ranked first in the 100 Most Handsome Faces of TC Candler 2017.

Daisy Former member 11 582 votes. As for 2019-I think maknae line remain the most popular. Jungkook is the Lead Dancer Sub Vocalist Visual of BTS.

Welcome to another comparison videoKim Taehyung vs Cha Eunwoo Talent BattleCopyright disclaimer. And while theyre also masters of derp faces. His dance techniques are fluid accentuated and multi-dimensional.

But what if youre struggling to decide exactly which BTS member is your true bias. Who is the most popular in BTS 2019. You can vote up to 3 idols.

BTS is the best dancer. Jin has the actor like face. Kim Seokjin the worldwide handsome is the official Visual of BTS as stated by many.

Hands down because of these skills JIMIN is the BEST DANCER in BTS.

The Best Visual In Bts Sry Jin Ur Still Worldwide Handsome In 2021 Bts Korea V Taehyung Bts Jungkook

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