How Much Bts Love Army

The I married you because I cant marry BTS struggle. According to New York Times.

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Watch them talk about the Indian army in the NDTV interview below.

How much bts love army. Even in times like this. ARMY I worried a lot before coming here. Answer 1 of 38.

Army loves them a lot. BTS members age ranges from 27 to 23 years. Many spouses boyfriends and girlfriends are cool with their beloveds love for BTS but some cant help feeling a little jealousespecially when they straight up tell you youre 2 in their heart.

RM works out to Ariana Grandes Positions leaves ARMY gushing with. 37 of 5 - 51 votes - 753 people like it. They give us new content to appreciate and enjoy almost every day in the form of Bangtan Bombs VLives and Fms.

Answer 1 of 2. Are You A True ARMY Of BTS. They never stop showing their love and affection to ARMY everywhere they are.

BTS Suga loves ARMY so much that he uses cheat codes to overcome the English barrier. While most of us depend on Google for most of our work BTS is out here living in the future using ARMY as their own personal search engine. How ARMY Love BTS So MuchCopyright disclaimer.

Thoughts love. I do NOT own any photovideo audio in this video. 2020-02-28 - 404501 taken - User Rating.

The 2020 ARMY Census is the largest fan-driven demographic analysis ever conducted to-date. Between July 9 to Sept. WE_LOVE_BTS Watch the latest video from army_love_very_much_bts army_love_very_much_bts.

The ARMY logo is actually the inverse of the BTS logo and when you stack the two on top of each other they make the shape of a shield playing into the ARMY theme. And his hacks are so desi BTS isnt oblivious to its. Recently they kept us entertained for a whole weekend with BangBangCon where old concerts came out of the archives for a massive online stream.

Maybe even better than the boys know themselves. So you think you really and truly know BTS. Their album Map of the Soul7 sold more than 3 million copies in the first week of sales.

This project provides a snapshot of the BTS fandom while also helping to showcase how fans are far B eyond T he. They work so hard to make us proud. They showed ARMY so much love revolving_hearts.

And These light sticks are intelligent. On May 6 a fan left this post on Weverse Our Taehyungie I love you. They love us more than we know.

ARMYs who let us have such a big fanmeeting at such a big place thank you. They appreciate us because they know that without Armys there wouldnt be Bts. BTS always look like they are love to perform and meet their fans.

While it is not always BTS sometimes ARMY themselves love using each other to get out some much needed BTS info. BTS ARMY is composed of die-hard BTS fans who cant get enough of the sensational K-pop group. Theres only one way to find out for sure - put it to the test literally.

JHopes speech during MAMA 2018. All rights belong to its rightful ownerowners. ARMYs 8th anniversary is today and BTS gifted their fans with an ARMY special playlist that contains the members solo works.

Be it at fan signing interviews award ceremonies varieties and on stage. Rikke - Updated on. Their Love for Armies is So Deep.

BTS keeps communication open The bond between BTS and ARMY becomes stronger every day. On a recent online community forum fans gathered some photos and videos that showed the many times that BTS member Suga showed his love for the ARMY s. ARMY stands for Adorable Representative MC for YouthMost ARMY members are composed of women in their 20s and 30s but the bands fan base is broadly diverse cutting across lines of gender age religion and nationality.

Suga was often seen. I love you - BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 2 - V Mentcopyright. 10 Questions - Developed by.

An Indian BTS fan cannot imagine her life sans V. Among these concert BTS official light stickBTS light stick ver 3 is the most well-liked glow sticks. If you have seen their concerts you can see us holding slogans and those slogans are very meaningful.

Different versions of BTS official amry bomb are available nowTake BTS army bomb ver 3 for example it can connect to your phoneand change colors. 30 2020 more than 400000 BTS fans from around the world responded to the global survey which aims to continue telling the story of the ever-growing ARMY. The relationship of bts and army is very precious and rare we often say I purple you which in a way means that well be together till the end this love.

BTS and ARMY are pioneering a new type of relationship between bands and fandomone where fans pour donations into worthy causes remaking the world one day at a time in the name of pop music. Army_love_very_much_bts army_love_very_much_bts on TikTok 373 Likes. Expresses her undying love for Taehyung BTS.

I want to show you our best all the t. It was even more special that this time it wasn. BTS online concert ONE was streamed in 191 countries out of 195 in the world.

The meaningful songs that BTS prepared for ARMYs birthday just shows how much they love their fans. Believe it or not BTS is in a relationship with the ARMY.

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