Is All Bts Members Going To Military Together

BTS ILGAN SPORTS Following a report from research analyst at Leading Investment Securities Wednesday that claimed it is highly likely that BTS members will all enlist for their mandatory military service at the same time the bands agency Big Hit Music said that they have nothing to share other than what the members have said regarding military service during a press conference last year. We probably wouldnt get any recorded content from them while theyre in but they may stockpile stuff to.

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According to AllKPop the Korean government is considering enlisting all the members together in.

Is all bts members going to military together. It is known that BTS members are respectful men and faithful Korean citizens. Culture Minister Park Yang-woo said while attending a meeting with UNESCOs Forum of Ministers of Culture that there are a lot of people who wish to exempt the group which is not possible as there are. All able-bodied Korean men aged between 18 and 28 are required to serve in the countrys military.

The question of BTS members compulsory military training is always in uncertainty. Lets Find Out About BTS Military Service. Originally a hip hop group their musical style has evolved to.

The ARMY a multi-million fandom of the South Korean boy band BTS is seeking approval to let all the band members enlist to the same military camp at the same time for their military service. Suga or Min Yoongi the main rapper of the group is born on March 9 1993. Therefore the South Korean government and politicians are reportedly discussing the possibility of BTS military service in 2025.

And if the lawpresident refuses itll look like favoritism. Big Hit Music Briefly Responds To Predictions Of BTS Enlisting Together In 2022. According to a report in Yonhap the BTS military enlistment is due in the coming years and cannot be exempted as per the Military Manpower Administration and the Ministry of National Defense.

This also applies to South Korean celebrities including BTS. If they all get to enlist at once it will make other Kpop groups enlist altogether too. As South Korean citizens all men who are 18-28 years old must dedicate themselves to the country through military service.

But Ive heard two things on the internet that can stop them and will stop them because they are sincere people and are smart. According to Yoo Seong Man an analyst at Leading Investment and Securities in his report on HYBE stated that all seven BTS member will enlist together. The septetconsisting of members Jin Suga J-Hope RM Jimin V and Jungkookco-writes and co-produces much of their own output.

With BTS s new song Dynamite topping the. Kim Seok Jin will join the military simultaneously as other BTS members Suga J-Hope RM Jimin V and of course the Golden Maknae Jungkook. In the case all the members will be enlisted.

All seven members of BTS qual. Meaning he was supposed to go to the military in the early months of 2021. BTS Jins enlistment was due by the next year under the current act governing the compulsory military service.

I would really request all the BTS members to go for their 2 year service for their country together as if you all will go to military service it will take a long time and we only of 6 more years. As per reports the political party is considering the option of allowing the band to enlist till the age of 30 so that they could all serve in the military together. There is a possibility that BTS will carry out their mandatory military service all together at once.

If all BTS members enlistment together. Read Also BTS to release. Korean politicians are discussing if all the members of BTS can serve in the military together in 2025.

According to a leading Investment and Securities analysis report on the bands record label HYBE he stated that the BTS members will enlist together around next year. If they all go together I doubt any fans moving away from BTS. On April 21.

So technically speaking Jin is 28 years old in international age as of last December 2020. The eldest member of BTS Jin is due to enlist for the military by the end of next. Every man in South Korea is required to do military service.

Members of K-pop group BTS have been accused of using a graduate programme to delay their mandatory military duty. They will never agree to be exempted because they see military service as their honour and duty. But recent reports suggest that the Korean government is making a possible way to enlist all the members together.

Now a new update about the groups service could bring a smile on the ARMYs faces. Bangtan Sonyeondan also known as the Bangtan Boys is a South Korean boy band that was formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. The oldest member of BTS should have enlisted in 2021.

Well actually yes they can.

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