How Many Total Bts Army In The World

BTS has more than 112 million wevers on their Weverse. A global demographic study of the BTS ARMY fandom.

South Korea Bts Youtube Views By Country 2021 Statista

We Are Bulletproof Pt.

How many total bts army in the world. The 2020 ARMY Census is the largest fan-driven demographic analysis ever conducted to-date. In terms of just the number of people who know them or listen to them even casually that is easily hundreds of millions of people. And they showed a great love towards the song Dynamite of BTS.

BTS is the most famous boyband in the world nowOne of the reasons behind their success is because their songs are really good to listen to especially for ARMY as their fans. And so they did. Between July 9 to Sept.

One Direction won with 619 percent of the votes while BTS took over the remainderBut despite all the awards and charts many people still ask which of the two boy band. The Song Writer and the Defender. By Shivani Pawaskar.

The album was released on Sept. That would be an extremely hard number to quantify but I believe it is at MINIMUM 50100 million people. Personally I really look up to Brazilian ARMYs theyre incredibly respectful to BTS and theyre so active dur.

Although BTS are more popular internationally than they are in Korea. But to answer in short there are at least 181M ARMY worldwide and Korea has the largest amount of army which can be assumed through the fact that everyone knows BTS there. To give a somewhat indirect answer the country where the most BTS fans reside in is the Philippines.

BTS had the second-best total album sales in the US in 2018 behind Eminem and accounted for 226 of the total albums sold in Korea that year. Copies of the bands record-breaking Love Yourself. Thank you to the more than 400000 ARMYs around the world who participated.

BTS has more than 55 million fans on their Weibo one of the most popular social medias in China Using these stats we can have a general understanding of how popular BTS is and how popular each social media is. Bts has a total of about 1364m fans. Number of subscribers BTS.

BTS ARMY has destroyed all competition to become the biggest and most powerful fandom in the world with BTS at the top when it comes to social metrics in the world of music. You have to pay for shipping of the fan club kit which was 50 in 2017 ouch. There are many armies in INDIA.

BTS has a total of 230 songs that contains 155 songs on 9 studio albums and one on the soundtrack album also 2 reissues and 2 compilation albums. However have you ever found out how many BTS songs or albums are in total. Hey BTS ARMY today we will be having a dekko at a little list of the international artists BTS members have worked with in the past till now.

In this regard how much does it cost to join the BTS army. Who Sings The Beginning Of Bts Songs The Most 2013 2018 Youtube Songs Singing Skool Luv Affair. Although the visual data no longer exists on Twitter for some reason it showed the following ranking below.

And NDTV news has also said that they will have an INTERVIEW with BTS. Bts Ndtv Live Stream Ndtv Bts Interview Date 2020 Eng Sub Is Bts Coming To India In 2021 Ar R Youtube Bts Army Bomb Bts Interview. Answer 1 of 2.

Im not quite sure what you mean by How many fandoms but there are an immense number of ARMYs. This project provides a snapshot of the BTS fandom while also helping to showcase how fans are far B eyond T he. In the past week they saw over 24 million more than 14000 times whats expected.

How many songs does bts have 2021. Her sold by the end of Oct. This survey took place from July 9 - Sept.

Rest of the in-depth answer is here. Answer 1 of 11. How many fans of bts are in india.

Though there are too many fans in India and there are too many. How many total members are in the BTS Army. And dont be worry The time will come fast that BTS will.

People are wonderstruck about how many fans. 30 2020 more than 400000 BTS fans from around the world responded to the global survey which aims to continue telling the story of the ever-growing ARMY. I am also a member of BTS Kerala ARMY which is under Bangtan India an all-India fans association for BTS says Sai.

But to answer in short there are at least 181m army worldwide and korea has the largest amount of army which can be assumed through the fact that everyone. Theyre followed closely by BTS who have a Twitter audience thats about five times the size of. Accordingly Is one direction or BTS better.

How many songs does BTS have. In 2017 the membership fee was 25000 KRW so around 23 USD. Label interscope records s rosé shade.

And the timings are You can also watch it online.

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