Why Can't Bts Go To Military Together

The Reunion later this month the reunion is going viral even among Gen Z. Suga RM J-Hope Jimin V and Jungkook.

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All BTS members should go to military at the same time for 2 year.

Why can't bts go to military together. Now as per the latest. Jin will leave BTS for the Korean military service at some point. According to a report in Yonhap the BTS military enlistment is due in the coming years and cannot be exempted as per the Military Manpower Administration and the Ministry of National Defense.

BTS signed a seven year contract with their label BigHit when they first debuted in 2013 which is a maximum and usual length bands sign for in South Korea. If they all go together I doubt any fans moving away from BTS. In only six years the band has released 11 full-length and compilation albums.

The groups member Jin is due to enlist for his service by the end. Big Hit Music has made their response to a financial analysts prediction that BTS would enlist together in 2022 stating they have no comment. Culture Minister Park Yang-woo said while attending a meeting with UNESCOs Forum of Ministers of Culture that there are a lot of people who wish to exempt the group which is not possible.

But since bts has done so well jin can be able to delay. In fact all members of the seven-piece K-pop boy. That said Taylor thinks a potential BTS black hole is avoidable and cant see their fan base going anywhere.

But according to a Hollywood portal the ruling government in South Korea is reported to be thinking about allowing BTS members to serve the period in military together. Uncertainty looms over BTS members compulsory military training. BTS announces BTS Meal collaboration with global burger chain and ARMY cant keep calm.

If they perform their military service following their age like any idol group there will be 4 to 5 years and even ten years without full group activities. The K-pop boy band BTS is one of the many guests who will be guest appearing on the show. In fact all members of the seven-piece K-pop boy band will have to as well.

Then we can see them all together after two year. Due to South Korean military restrictions even K-Pop group members like BTS Jin will not be able to travel in 2020. As per reports the.

For your information according to the new adjustment of Korean military law the age men can delay military enlistment had been changed from full 30 years old to 28 years old. Big Hit Music made their statement to media outlet Tenasia and stated that they do not have any comment to share about BTSs military enlistment. Despite their success however BTS said that they will be going on hiatus to serve in the South Korean Military.

While fans of the 90s show which ran for ten seasons cant wait to watch their favourite star cast get back together for Friends. BTS have been revealed as Louis Vuittons newest house ambassadors but its not the first time the two have teamed up. Otherwise we will not see them together for 10 year.

On an online community fans shared a list of 13 boy groups and their upcoming military enlistment situation in a table. BTSs management has said that all of the bands members would. This is part of the reason why BTS have been so nonstop since their 2013 debut.

It is known that BTS members are respectful men and faithful Korean citizens. I cant imagine it. The ARMY a multi-million fandom of the South Korean boy band BTS is seeking approval to let all the band members enlist to the same military camp at the same time for their military service.

The amendment to the Military Service Act was designed to provide exceptions for K-pop megastars who improve the countrys cultural status and boost the economy. BTSs seven members are in their 20s but the oldest Jin will have to enlist by the time he turns 28 at the end of next year. We have nothing further to say about their military enlistment besides what our artist has already said.

According to South Korean law all able-bodied men from age 18 to 28 have to. Are BTS band members set to enlist in the military together in 2022. They will never agree to be exempted because they see military service as their honour and duty.

Then the other members are expected to join in this order. The new connection was announced on Thursday April 23 rdBTS will be. The Times of India.

In korea people who have won excellent awards are exempt from military. For example famous soccer players or musicians not kpopbts is far more popular than those people yet they still go to the army because of the law. We dont know yet what will happened but i know for sure that the level of popularity that they have now and all what they.

BTSs oldest member Jin born in 1992 is expected to enlist next year. It IS possible for BTS to serve in the military with all the members at the same time they havent said nothing oficial so for now we can just guess but they do will come back together after Jins enlightenment because they already signed with Big Hit for other 7 years.

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